Laura Kay permanent make-up pigments

Laura Kay London Permanent Pigments

Micropigmentation specialist Laura Kay London has introduced a new range of permanent make-up pigments, as well as ultra-fine microblades.

The Laura Kay Permanent Pigment range features a new improved formulation of colour pigments for use in micropigmentation treatments, developed after years of research. The range includes highly concentrated pigments with a creamy consistency, which offer excellent colour retention, meaning that clients' brows, lips and eyeliner stay looking fresher for longer and less top up treatments are required.

Larger particles within Laura Kay London's pigments means that pigment migration – where the colour ‘bleeds' over time – is a thing of the past. These larger particles also appear opaquer and reflect more light and enable a more precise application.

Laura Kay London Permanent Cosmetics
Laura Kay is a well-established permanent make-up specialist, offering ABT-accredited training in micropigmentation and microblading.
The new pigment collection from Laura Kay can be used for eyebrow microblading, lip blushing and eyeliner micropigmentation treatments, and includes 12 eyebrow pigments, five lip liner pigments and one eyeliner pigment. Tones are vibrant and intense, making them suitable for use on all skin tones.

In addition, Laura Kay London's new microblades have also been launched. These Nanoblades (pictured) are ultra-fine, making them ideal tools for realistic micropigmentation results.

Laura Kay is a well-established permanent make-up specialist, offering ABT-accredited training in micropigmentation and microblading. Laura Kay London's Permanent Pigment and Nanoblades are available in the UK online.