ABT Statement regarding Henna Brows

Our current and previous stance: ABT Statement regarding Henna Brows

It has come to our attention that some conflicting information is being circulated via internet forums with regards to Henna Brows and ABT membership.

ABT do not feel there is anything to be concerned about, however have requested clarification through our friends and partners at Balens Ltd who have reviewed this situation as a matter of urgency. This situation came to our attention yesterday afternoon (26th November 2019), and escalated this morning so has now been investigated fully. My sincere apologies that this confusion has occurred, in the main fuelled by internet forums.

We have received confirmation from our insurance brokers Balens Ltd there is nothing to be concerned about whilst performing the Henna Brows treatment as a trained ABT member.

We accept that some Henna products contain PPD, typically 1-2% concentration, and it is our understanding that the product is legal to use for the Henna Brows treatment. As such, accredited trainers and ABT members are permitted to continue to use these products, in line with their training and the current UK / EU law. EU law permits the use of PPD and in the UK this is not a restricted product.

The confusion has come from a simple misinterpretation of the policy wording. To explain:

  1. The use of Henna [purchased from a reputable supplier and containing a legally acceptable level of PPD] used during a treatment by a trained individual is covered under section 1 [Professional Liability / Treatment Cover].
  2. The ABT policy wording does, under section 3, explicitly state that the Product Liability section: ‘Henna products containing Paraphenylene Diamine (PPD) are an excluded product'. The purpose of this endorsement was / is to exclude the retail and distribution of this product itself only. As noted in point 1, the treatment, including use of product, is covered under section 1 with no exclusion. The insurers' intention was not insuring anyone who was selling or manufacturing this product as a retail business.