YSL Beauty extends global rewilding projects

Locals take part in YSL Beauty ReWild's Morrocco Project. YSL Beauty has worked throughout the Ourika Valley region since 2017 to plant trees and restore arid land.

YSL Beauty has announced two new rewilding programmes in the Bahamas and Colombia as part of its global initiative, Rewild Our Earth.

In partnership with global NGO Re:wild, the project aims to protect and restore 100,00 hectares of wilderness by 2030, safeguarding biodiversity in threatened priority areas where ingredients used in YSL Beauty products flourish. 

The scheme supports the legacy of brand founder Yves Saint Laurent, who was committed to supporting the environment and drew inspiration from the natural wonders of Morocco throughout his career. Since 2014 the brand has worked with communities in Morocco's Atlas Mountains and Ourika Valley. 

In addition, Rewild Our Earth projects have been established in Haiti, Madagascar, Indonesia and Canada.

Through the two new projects, in the Bahamas a rewilding team is helping to protect and restore the habitat of the White Cay Iguana which is critically endangered. In Colombia, YSL Beauty is assisting in restoring over 3,500 hectares within the Colombian Chiribiquete and La Paya National Parks.

Commenting on the initiative with YSL Beauty, Penny Langhammer, Executive VP of Re:wild, says:

“The health of our planet and our wellbeing depend on the wild; we are all connected to the natural world. Through this long-term collaboration with YSL Beauty, we will advance our efforts to protect and restore the Earth's most irreplaceable areas for diversity.”

YSL Beauty's Rewild Our Earth project is in line with the brand's sustainability strategy, known as ‘Change the Rules, Change the Future', built on three key pillars: Reduce Our Impact,  Rewild Our Earth and Abuse is Not Love.

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