Waist Snatch treatments set to be big in 2024, says expert

Body contouring specialists, Shrinking Violet, say that 2024 will be the year of the ‘Waist Snatch', with non-surgical salon treatments going beyond circumference reduction to actually create a curve in the body.

Julieann Parry, CEO and Founder of Tibby Olivier Professional, explains:

“We now have a variety of treatments to create customised body contouring and a ‘couture contour' for all your parts.

“The range of dynamic and innovative Shrinking Violet treatments allow for a more highly curated, targeted and a truly customised approach to supporting efforts and goals our health and wellness, diet and fitness. Layered into multi-modality treatment programs, where the sum is greater than the parts, offers in-tandem toning, tightening, lifting, aiding in fat destruction and circumference reduction - all while boosting collagen and treating skin texture inside and out.”

Tibby Olivier Professional