Thalion reveals new anti-cellulite skin treatment

Thalisvelt Cellulite [3D]Marine skincare brand, Thalion, has launched a professional cellulite treatment, Thalisvelt Cellulite [3D], which can be tailored to each client's specific needs.

At the heart of the Thalisvelt treatment is Thalion Focus [3D] Cellulite, a gel-cream body product which fights against cellulite by destocking adipocytes and limiting restocking, draining and eliminating toxins and fatty acids, and boosting collagen synthesis.

Already a best-selling product, Thalion Focus [3D] Cellulite has been reformulated with new ingredient, Glaucine, a multi-functional molecule that stimulates lipolysis, inhibits the appearance of new adipocytes, helps revert adipose tissue and boosts firmness. The formulation also includes patented marine active ingredient, Algoslim®, combined with Caffeine known for its lipolytic properties.

Before the 60-minute Thalisvelt Cellulite [3D] professional treatment begins, the therapist identifies the client's major problem, including lipolysis, drainage and firmness. Firstly, skin is exfoliated and prepared using Thalion Resurfacing Marine Peel. This is followed by targeted application of a concentrate, either Thalion Aquasculp, Liposculpt or Fibrosculpt.

Thalion Focus [3D] CelluliteThe third step in the treatment is to dislodge fatty tissues by thoroughly massaging the problem areas to empty the adipocytes. Dedicated manual techniques alternating between deep and targeted manoeuvres to mobilise the tissues, designed to respond to adiposity, stasis or fibrosis, whilst using Thalion Resculpting Massage Balm.

Next, toxins are eliminated and fatty tissues dislodged to decongest and drain, using the Thalion Silhouette Resculpting Wax Mask. The treatment is concluded by an application of Thalion Focus [3D] Cellulite gel-cream.

A line of Thalisvelt Cellulite [3D] retail products is also available to maintain results between salon treatments including Turbo Sculptor Pack, an iced gel; Water Destock Contour Cream which drains and reshapes the silhouette; Stomach & Waist Reshaper, a fluid hydro-gel which re-sculpts the abdominal area thanks to its slimming and firming action; and Cellulite Control [3D] to target and eliminate cellulite.