Procoal unveil aluminium-free charcoal deodorant

Charcoal beauty experts Procoal London have introduced a new charcoal-based deodorant packed with non-irritating natural odour neutralisers and none of the chemical nasties often found in commercial deodorants.

Procoal London Activated Charcoal Natural Deodorant Balm provides pH-balanced long-lasting daily odour defence to keep you feeling dry and comfortable without interfering with the body's natural perspiration process. Procoal deodorant uses activated charcoal to absorb sweat and neutralise body odour, and its gender-neutral scent comes from all-natural essential oils. Traditional anti-perspirants plug sweat ducts using aluminium salts. 

Procoal London's Tom Bourlet explains:

“The aluminium reduces sweat and minimises the moist environment which allows odorous bacteria to form, however it is the potential adverse effects of applying aluminium which has led to the increase in natural alternatives.”

He continues:

“Some reports are highlighting the potential risk of breast cancer in women, due to the aluminium being absorbed into the skin of the armpit. It can also be absorbed significantly more if the underarm is damaged, such as due to shaving. The antiperspirants are also left on the skin and don't come off for a significant period of time, allowing constant exposure to aluminium. 

“According to Darbre P. D. and Charles, A. K. (2010) Anticancer Research, 50% of breast cancers in UK patients have started in the upper outer quadrant of the breast. With all this in mind, the EU published a statement of caution regarding usage of antiperspirants on damaged or irritated skin.”

If you're worried about the use of aluminium in your deodorant, aluminium-free Procoal could offer a solution.
Procoal London Activated Charcoal Natural Deodorant Balm is available in the UK online.