Harrogate spa launches woodland bathing experience

A North Yorkshire spa has introduced two fresh water tubs hidden in woodland so guests can reconnect with nature and immerse themselves in the landscape.

Rudding Park in Harrogate has launched the Woodland Spring Bathing experience which uses water from the Rudding Park aquifer which is rich in magnesium, calcium and sodium with no added chemicals or chlorine. This pure water, maintained at a constant temperature using excess heat from the Rudding Park energy centre, can help to alleviate aches and pains, lower stress levels, increase bloody flow and circulation. Plus, each treatment includes an added a magnesium mineral ‘bomb' to help boost magnesium levels even further along with a detoxifying Moorish mud mask for guests to apply themselves. 

Commenting on the launch of the Woodland Spring Bathing experience, Sarah Johnson, Head of Spa at Rudding Park, says: 

“The popularity of embracing the outdoors to boost wellbeing shows no sign of slowing down. We always want to offer new experiences and Woodland Spring Bathing is a wonderful way to relax; the stillness of the water promoting a sense of calm, heightening the connection with nature.

We understand wellbeing means different things to different people and the addition of Woodland Spring Bathing offers something for everyone; whether you want to reconnect with nature, invest in your health by boosting your magnesium levels or simply have a fun shared experience with friends or family whilst sipping on a refreshing drink of your choice!”

Rudding Park Spa