Italy’s number one professional skincare brand

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DIBI Milano introduces NEW Body Vitality Treatment!

Italy’s number one professional skincare brand

An in clinic/salon treatment dedicated to skin that needs renewal, hydration and nourishment throughout the year.


The DIBI Milano laboratories are exploring the world of probiotics and active ingredients that enhance the skin's ability to protect itself from external aggressions (such as stress, irregular lifestyle and poor

diet) to renew itself. Introducing DIBI Milano Body Vitality treatment that intensely renews, hydrates and nourishes the skin preparing the body for every season of the year. The new professional range has been designed specifically for an in-clinic or salon body treatment that last around 40 minutes.



DIBI Milano's Body Vitality key benefits are:


Transversality: the treatment and self-care products are suitable for all skin types, in every season of the year.

Multi-action: the line acts to renew, hydrate and nourish. Offering specific products that meet these three needs, both in the salon and at home.

Practicality: professional treatment is fast and comfortable.

Functionality: the formulas contain active ingredients recognized in the skincare world for their effectiveness.

Sensoriality: the textures of the professional and self-care products blend onto the skin, giving users a moment of pure wellbeing.

Modern formulations - with probiotic, which defends the skin microbiome.





DIBI Milano Body Vitality introduces new treatment with new Body Vitality collection.


The BODY VITALITY treatment quenches the skin, offers exfoliation and nourishment, and prepares it for the subsequent treatments. Perfect for any season of the year: in summer it supports obtaining a perfect tan, in autumn it helps the skin to eliminate impurities and devitalised cells, in

winter it makes the skin soft and velvety, and in spring it prepares the skin for exposure, giving it a healthy appearance.




 Revitalising Scrub & Clean, 400ml - RRP €26.50 / £24.00

This 2-in-1 action revitalising scrub cleanses and exfoliates in a single step. It acts by removing impurities and dead skin cells with is gentle exfoliating granules. The Body Vitality Scrub is applied for 10 minutes to and massaged into the skin as part of the 1st phase of the treatment.






Revitalising Nourishing Oil, 500ml - RRP €26.50 / £23.50


An indulgent and silky massage oil that allows easy movement for massaging a client. This oil nourishes the skin and makes the skin look and feel healthy. This oil is rich in nourishing, energising and antioxidant active ingredients such as Vitamin E, Green Coffee Oil and Niacinamide.




Revitalising Quenching Cream, 500ml– RRP €26.50 / £23.50


Providing comfort to the whole body, the velvet texture leaves skin feeling smooth and hydrated. The powerful mix of key active ingredients such Sweet Almond Oil and Cotton Oil intensely hydrates the skin. Combined with a mix of key active ingredients Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Lacto-Probiotic Acid and Papain.









Place a small thermal blanket on the treatment table and turn it on, then cover with a towel and polyethylene sheet.



Apply the Body Vitality Scrub & Clean on the entire area to be treatment and massage, focusing on the most thickened areas. Leave on for 10 minutes. Following this, ask the client to take a shower.



Finish by applying the Body Vitality Revitalising Quenching Cream on the entire area treated and massage until completely absorbed. Alternatively, apply and massage the Body Vitality Revitalising Nourishing Oil, for a more nourishing rich action.

Recommend DIBI Milano products for daily home treatment to client.




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