+serumology reveal hydrating Watermelon hand serum

+serumology Hand Serum Beauty Pro, the brand behind the +maskology collection of professional facial masks, has introduced +serumology with the launch of a new Hand Serum.

The +serumology Hand Serum has been created as a special boost to dry and damage skin with a 100% plant-based and water-free formula.

Key ingredient Watermelon acts as a natural skin toner, shrinking the tissues and refreshing the skin. Thanks to its high water content, Watermelon also keeps the skin supple and soft. 

Other ingredients include Pomegranate for its exfoliating properties and Kiwi, which is rich in Omega 3 to help create renewed and repaired skin.

The serum can be combined into a professional salon manicure treatment and retailed for home use.