Why you must carry out a patch test ahead of tinting treatments

You'll know from your beauty therapy training that if you offer any skin or hair tinting treatments, including lash or brow tinting, it is imperative that you carry out a patch test on your client at least 24 hours ahead of treatment for the first time.

In line with the policy wording, it's important to understand that your ABT insurance policy could be invalidated if you carry out a treatment that requires a patch test without doing so.

You must carry out a patch test on new clients even if they have had tint treatments elsewhere without reaction or they tell you that they have recently had a patch test elsewhere, as brand formulations differ.

If a client returns with a skin reaction to the patch test, you must record this on their client record card and not proceed with the treatment. If no visible reaction is experienced, also note this on their record card.

Do not be tempted to skip a patch test. It's understandable that you may feel pressured by a client who fails to agree to a patch test, or arrives without undertaking a patch test with you prior. You may worry that this is bad for your business. However, the consequences of carrying out a treatment without a patch test could be catastrophic not only for your client if they experience a reaction, but also for you and your business. Remember, without adequate patch testing in line with product manufacturers' guidelines and training, your ABT insurance policy could be invalidated. 

Do not offer or accept a signed disclaimer from a client releasing you of any responsibility should a contraindication occur instead of carrying out the patch test. Legal advice states that if you agree with a client to circumvent any warranted procedure such as a patch test and you then give a treatment, the court will usually award damages against you in any claim then made. 

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