Expert Advice: Harnessing the nutritional properties of seaweed for skin

Marine Biologist Dr Craig Rose PhD, AKA Doctor Seaweed, explains the benefits of seaweed in skin, nail & hair supplements.

Dr Craig Rose PhD, AKA Doctor SeaweedSeaweed is increasingly known to have many benefits for naturally glowing skin. From seaweed baths to creams and lotions, you will find this natural wonder in all sorts of products and spas around the world. However, the often overlooked and perhaps most powerful way to benefit your skin is from seaweed's immense nutritional properties.  

Seaweed has been a part of skincare for centuries as the benefits of this powerful superfood extend beyond just nutrition. An important part of Japanese culture and diet, consumption of seaweed is believed to help maintain thick and glossy hair due to the rich natural iodine and wide range of minerals it contains.

In a recent nutritionist lead study in the UK, 63% of respondents noted improvements in their hair, skin and nails within just 30 days of taking their seaweed supplement.

Seaweed is a powerhouse of nutrients, with the most relevant being the natural source of essential iodine. This nutrient is critical for your health and wellness, yet the vast majority of us do not get enough through our wider diet.

Iodine can dramatically impact thyroid health, energy, weight management, brain function, as well as the health of your skin, hair and nails. 

Finding the best way to get the nutritional benefits of seaweed, and other key nutrients to ensure you look and feel wonder has been a mission of mine, hence my moniker of Doctor Seaweed. My range of supplements now includes Beauty+, providing an easy way to get that naturally glowing skin, stronger nails and thicker healthy hair.

As Nutritionist Dr Naomi Newman-Beinart explains:

“When people are iodine deficient, they often find that their skin is dry and flaky, and it is believed that this may be due to low thyroid hormone levels. Beauty+ contains essential nutrients that play a crucial role in giving skin a natural, healthy glow–from regulating moisture levels (preventing dry or oily skin), promoting an even skin tone and benefitting skin that's red, itchy or sensitive through their anti-inflammatory effects.”

Seaweed's broad nutritional profile also includes antioxidants and polyphenols. These compounds protect against external environmental damage such as oxidative stress and free radicals. Overall, the nutrients can reduce inflammation, dry skin and sensitivity, as well as easing skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Choose a high-quality seaweed

Doctor Seaweed's core organic seaweed is sustainably wild harvested around the remote and pristine islands of the Scottish Outer Hebrides. Knowing where your seaweed is from, the water quality, sustainability of harvest and how it is produced are essential to ensure it is safe and highly nutritious. 

In our supplements, we've paired this with additional nutrients entirely from natural and plant-based sources, ensuring their quality for optimal absorption. 

I truly believe nutritional supplements can support in-salon beauty treatments immensely and it is a good idea to retail in salons as a much-needed aftercare, ensuring your clients are looked after inside and out. After all, beauty starts from within! 

Dr Craig Rose PhD is a Marine Biologist and founder of Doctor Seaweed, who offer the Weed & Wonderful range of nutritional seaweed supplements. Dr Rose is on the Management Group of the Scottish Seaweed Industry Association and is an advisor to the British Phycological Society's Applied Algae Group.