Antioxidant combats smartphone skin ageing

A new antioxidant concentrate has been launched by mesoestetic Pharma Group to tackle skin ageing caused by oxidation of the skin.

aox ferulic combats dark spots, wrinkles, signs of flaccidity, and dull skin which is being increasingly caused by HEV radiation or ‘blue light' emitted by computer, tablet and smartphone screens, as well as diet, sun exposure and city pollution. According to mesoestetic, 90% of patients who tried the treatment noticed brighter skin, whilst 100% noticed increased firmness and a general improvement in the quality of their skin.

Mesoestetic aox ferulicThis new anti-ageing treatment contains a high concentration of ascorbic acid (15%), the purest form of vitamin C and one of the most powerful natural antioxidants, along with ferulic acid (0.5%), a powerful antioxidant that protects the fibroblasts against radiation and provides protection from the inflammation produced by the sun. It also features the exclusive protech-cell complex (1.5%), which contains vitamin E and a latest-generation peptide which provides specific protection against IR-A and HEV radiation.

Using the product immediately inhibits the oxidative cascade produced by external aggressions; skin is visibly brighter. Skin is also protected against photo-ageing, and collagen synthesis within the skin is improved.

In vitro studies showed a reduction of over 90% in oxidative cell damage, 30% less oxidation caused by infrared radiation, a six-fold increase in collagen synthesis, 100% fibroblast viability maintained, and an eight-fold increase in the duration of antioxidant protection.

aox ferulic can be used daily, morning or night. It has a light, non-sticky texture and is quickly absorbed into the skin, making it a great base under your regular mesoestetic moisturiser.

Based in Barcelona, mesoestetic Pharma Group is an internationally recognised pharmaceutical laboratory in the field of dermocosmetics and aesthetic medicine, endorsed by scientific studies.

mesoestetic aox ferulic is available in the UK from Wellness Trading Ltd.