+maskology reveals Ocean Retinol anti-ageing mask

+maskology retinol sheet maskProfessional-only skin brand +maskology has introduced a new retinol sheet mask powered by seaweed.

The +maskology Retinol Professional Sheet Mask features Ocean Retinol derived from Seaweed Kelp Complex to target the signs of ageing by increasing collagen levels within the skin. The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is reduced and skin pores minimised. In addition, skin tone is evened out and the complexion is left balanced and replenished.

The mask's serum infusion also includes organic Pine Oil which prevents damage from free radicals whilst soothing skin, targeting acne and eczema breakouts and reducing inflammation.

The sheet mask is 100% plant-based, plastic-free and will degrade in 75 days. In addition, the product's sachet is part of a new recycling programme which aims to repurpose plastic.

Brought to you by the team behind BeautyPro, +maskology is a cruelty-free company recognised by PETA.