+maskology harness the benefits of Squalane in new sheet mask

 +maskology Squalane Professional Sheet MaskProfessional face masque brand +maskology has introduced a new sheet mask that delivers an anti-ageing effect on skin as well as balancing natural oils thanks to Squalane.

The +maskology Squalane Professional Sheet Mask is formulated with Squalane sourced from Olives. Squalane rejuvenates and soothes skin for youth-enhancing results, boosting the skin's production of collagen. As a result, skin is smoothed, fine lines and wrinkles reduced, and elasticity is increased. 

In addition, Squalane calms the skin, soothes irritation and evens out the skin's natural oil levels helping to balance the complexion. 

Additional ingredients used in the mask include Passionfruit which is deeply nourishing to dehydrated skin. The fruit's Vitamins A and C content protects the skin against free radical damage and increase collagen and elastin levels. What's more, organic Sweet Orange Oil and organic Almond Oil smooth the skin, improving its tone and texture.

Produced for professional use only, +maskology's Squalane Professional Sheet Mask is vegan and 100% plant based.