Former Thalgo MD to be honoured

Franz Dannhauser
Franz Dannhauser will be honoured with a Life of Beauty Award at Beauty Düsseldorf 2018.

Retired managing partner and managing director of Thalgo, Franz Dannhauser, is being recognised with a Life of Beauty Award at this year's Beauty Düsseldorf exhibition.

The award recognises individuals who have dedicated their professional lives to enhancing the beauty industry and driving the sector forward.

After entering the beauty industry over four decades ago, Franz has forged a career with foresight and proactive dedication, with the judging panel acknowledging his hard work and modesty.

Following his retirement from Thalgo, he will now act as Managing Director of VCP (the Association of Cosmetic Professionals), after working on the executive board for many years.

Commenting on his career, which has encompassed positions in sales, export and marketing of cosmetic appliances, skincare products and decorative cosmetics, Franz Dannhauser says:

"The desire to work in the cosmetics industry may have been somewhat unusual for a man in 1974 – but the dynamics and innovative capabilities of this market have fascinated me from the very beginning.

"Marketing and the development of ideas and their implementation have always been my favourite activities."

He joined Thalgo in 1994 as head of marketing, leading to managing partner and, later, managing director, working with the marine beauty range as well as affiliate brands Ella Baché and Couleur Caramel. Through his work at Thalgo, Franz Dannhauser particuarly promoted and developed the medical beauty and spa sectors, promoting thalassotherapy treatment rituals.

Commenting on his future involvement in the beauty industry, Franz says:

"I've been fascinated by professional cosmetics from day one, and I still am. I'm convinced it's an area where we can still achieve a lot. And, hopefully, I'll be able to continue to do so through my work for the Association of Cosmetic Professionals."

Franz Dannhauser will receive his Life of Beauty award on Friday 9th March at the annual Beauty Düsseldorf trade exhibition.