Winnie Harlow collaborates with The Sims 4

Game developer EA and Maxis has partnered with beauty entrepreneur and model Winnie Harlow to introduce Vitiligo in its Skin Detail options in the latest release of The Sims. 

Gamers are now able to create a Simified representation of themselves using the Create-A-Sim function, which also offers birthmarks, stretch marks, scars and freckles in the Skin Detail options. 

The Sims 4 team worked with Winnie Harlow to introduce the new update, which also features a Winnie-inspired Sim and players can download Winnie's dream home from the gallery. 

To create an accurate representation of Vitiligo, the game's Concept Artist and Art Director collaborated to design a diverse set of patterns across faces, torso sections and limbs. Since vitiligo affects people of all ethnicities and skin types, 61 Vitiligo variants across all ages have been developed for the game's first release.

Commenting, Winnie Harlow says:

“It's magical to see The Sims 4 team introduce this new Vitiligo feature. As a child, I spent a lot of time playing The Sims and I think it's so beautiful to be able to represent your true self in-game. This partnership is a powerful statement encouraging players to embrace what makes them unique – both in-game and in real life.”