Vegan foot care can still be the height of luxury

Margaret Dabbs Pure Gold Elixir For FeetFoot care expert, Margaret Dabbs, has a luxury range of vegan foot care products, formulated with powerful and active botanicals. 

The Pure Feet range is an extensive collection of foot exfoliators, moisturisers, foot cleansers and soaks formulated with natural plant extracts. 

Products are fragranced with Bergamot and Petitgrain, and suitable for all genders.

Hero product in the range is Pure Gold Elixir For Feet, infused with precious metal Colloidal Gold and botanical extracts.

Colloidal gold is a blend of pure gold nanoparticles suspended in water which, when the lotion is applied topically, are quickly absorbed into the skin. The lotion also has a delicate reflecting shimmer to impart a luminous golden glow on feet and legs.

Margaret Dabbs Pure Gold Elixir For Feet treats severely dry, cracked skin, and sore inflamed skin. In addition, its effective on bunions and inflammatory foot conditions, ageing skin, and thin skin vulnerable to bruising.