Valuxxo reveals new natural skincare for men

A new range of all-natural luxury skincare products designed specifically for men has been launched. 

Using organic raw materials that promote healthy skin, Valuxxo's skincare products are formulated to keep skin healthy, hydrated and nourished.

Valuxxo SerumValuxxo's collection launches with Revitalising Eye Cream and Firming Face Serum.

Commenting on the introduction of Valuxxo, brand founder, Valentino La Ciura, says:

“I am enormously proud to launch our new premium skincare range for men. Our vision was to provide men with skincare products they could rely on to produce radiant, younger looking skin, helping them feel confident about the way they look no matter how busy their lifestyles - and I passionately believe we've achieved that. 

“Throughout this journey, we have been committed to using only raw materials in our produce range and have proven that it is possible to create natural, vegan-friendly and sustainable cosmetics that have positive end results. From our Men's Revitalising Eye Cream to our Men's Firming Face Serum, our new skincare line gives men a comprehensive skincare routine that they can rely on.”