Time for a Change of Pace for the new season

Gelish and Morgan Taylor have launched the Change of Pace collection for Autumn. 

Colours are inspired by the natural hues of autumn with a mix of soft, highly pigmented neutral tones that complement this season's classic fashions. These include an ivory pearl, a khaki crème, lavender grey crème, fuchsia pearl, black shimmer and a yellow/gold pearl.

Commenting on the launch of the new shades, Danny Haile, CEO and Founder of Nail Alliance, says:

“The Change of Pace Collection was inspired by the gorgeous fall foliage and cozy feel of the east coast in autumn. Researching for this collection, I was drawn to New Hampshire and how pretty everything looks as the colours change and Fall descends over the landscape. This palette of saturated, yet subdued neutrals is inspired directly by the mix of warm and cool colours that come with the autumn season.”

The Change of Pace collection is available in Morgan Taylor nail lacquer, Gelish gel polish and Gelish Xpress Dip powders. 

Nail Alliance UK Ltd (Gelish)

Louella Belle (Morgan Taylor)