New programme targets brow hair loss & regrowth

The Re:Brow Programme™A new three-part treatment to encourage brow regrowth and restoration has been launched. The Re:Brow Programme™ targets hair loss and regrowth, specifically in the eyebrows.

Founded by Brow Expert Samantha Trace, who has 20 years' experience working in skin, dermatology and brow hair loss, The Re:Brow Programme™ comprises Brow Vitamins, a Brow Roller and Booster Serum to achieve fuller, healthier brows.

The Re:Brow Programme™ Brow Vitamin gummies have been formulated to help restore and grow brow hairs from within, with a combination of vitamins, Zinc and Biotin which aid in hair follicle regeneration and help maintain healthy eyebrows. Flavoured with Strawberry, Apple and Blueberry and suitable for vegetarians, two gummies per day should be taken for a minimum of two months. 

Brow Vitamins should be used in conjunction with two other products in the Re:Brow Programme™ range, due to launch in April. Brow Booster Serum is formulated with peptides, vitamins, proteins, botanical extracts and amino acids to stimulate hair regrowth and strengthen hair follicles to transform thin, uneven and sparse brows. The vegan serum has a soft applicator which coats, conditions and moisturises each brow hair strand to prevent breakage achieving fuller arches and healthier looking brows.

For best results, the serum should be used in combination with The Re:Brow Programme™ Brow Roller, designed with 180 0.25mm titanium microneedles which stimulate hair follicles and trigger the production of healthy new cells. Using the roller with Brow Booster Serum two to three times a week will help the product absorb deep into the hairs to encourage brow regrowth.