The Gelbottle Inc. grows HEMA-Free Paint collection

The Gelbottle Inc. have released a selection of best-selling gel colour shades in their HEMA-Free Paint formulation. 

Forty more of the gel polish favourites are now available free of Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate (HEMA), which is the most commonly used photoinitiator in gel, enabling quick and efficient curing under UV and LED lamps. However HEMA is known to cause reactions on some clients with sensitivities, and many nail techs now prefer to use HEMA-free alternatives. 

With this in mind, The Gelbottle Inc. spent two years developing their HEMA-Free Paint collection initially launching with 10 colours. The additional shades brings the collection size to 50. A completely HEMA-free gel polish treatment can be performed using TGB's Bond Base and Glow Top alongside the HEMA-Free Paint.

Commenting Bryony Howell (@gelsbybry), TGB Brand Ambassador, says:

“The expansion of TGB's HEMA-Free collection is great news for techs with clients who have sensitivities to HEMA. Being able to offer such an extensive range of gel colours, alongside the
existing HEMA free BIAB™ gives those clients endless options on what they can have on their nails. Nail techs offering this as an alternative can now better service all clients, without compromising on quality and strength.”

The Gelbottle Inc.