Thalion launches its first 100% natural spa range

Spa brand Thalion has introduced its first 100% natural spa range of products and wellness body rituals to offer a multi-sensory experience.

Thalisens Nature products are formulated with 100% natural marine ingredients to moisturise, rejuvenate and rebalance the skin. Key ingredients include Thalasso Oligo that is rich in minerals and trace elements, Chondrus crispus (red seaweed) to preserve hydration and protect the epidermis, Sea Everlasting plant which regenerates the epidermis, and Porphyra umbilicalis (red seaweed) packed with vitamins and fatty acids.

Across all products, two 100% natural fragrances are available - sensual Captivating Tiare and fresh Sparkling Citrus.
Products in the Thalisens Nature collection include Divine Scrub which has an oil-like texture with 45% marine salt and coconut or almond shells to offer powerful body exfoliation. 

Exquisite Emulsion is a moisturising body balm with a smooth texture and marine gelling agents. It incorporates a trio of vegetable oils to rebalance, hydrate and protect skin.

Creamy Massage Oil is a smooth and creamy body oil that has a non-greasy feel. The trio of vegetable oils and beeswax enables smooth massage flow.

In the spa, Thalisens Nature wellness rituals combine the use of these products with the brand's signature massage movements to calm the body and relax muscles. Techniques include Marine and Solar Choreographies, and the Hypno-slow technique which delivers compressions and decompressions in hyper slow motion for intense relaxation. In addition, aromacholgy (the influence of scents on our behaviour), guided meditation and the power of music are also incorporated.

Treatments include the Oceanic Bliss Ritual, Oceanic Bliss Massage and Sensory Scrubs.

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