Swiss dermatologist develops anti-pigmentation drops

Dr Levy SwitzerlandDeveloped by Swiss dermatologist Dr Phillip Levy to combat pigmentation disorders, new Pigment Control Drops from Dr. Levy Switzerland rejuvenate skin without over complicating a daily facial care routine.

The Pigment Control Drops, which are added to a Booster Serum or applied directly to targeted areas, are a blend of four pigmentation-tackling components. Red algae oligosaccharide (4%) slows melanin production and controls UV-induced darkening, whilst Tranexamic Acid (2%) limits melanin production and Niacinamide (5%) blocks melanocyte transfer to the epidermis and protects against inflammatory imperfections.

In addition, Concentrated Vitamin C (3%) reduces the intensity of age and pigment spots and counters external causes of pigmentation such as UV and pollution.

In addition, the milky formulation is enriched with antioxidant-rich «OX8» complex, a combination of eight organic Alpine plant extracts harvested from the Swiss Alps. 

With continued use, clients can expect a reduction in the appearance of existing dark spots and the prevention of new ones, with a brighter, even skin tone.

Dr. Levy Switzerland

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