Staff benefit from new tech for cashless tips

Following their return to work post-lockdown, beauty and hair professionals are experiencing on average a 79% increase in tips from satisfied clients. 

According to Dublin-based fintech company Strikepay, which offers a cashless tip payment solution, hairdressers, barbers, beauty therapists and nail technicians have experienced the huge increase over the last six weeks. 

Salon employees simply wear a Strikepay tag with an individual QR code which satisfied customers scan to leave them a tip through Apple Pay, Google Pay or any saved card. 

Strikepay co-founder Oli Cavanagh says: 

“We are having a meaningful impact on the service industry and salon service professionals in Ireland with our data showing a positive increase in the value of tips over the last six weeks. This is significant to people in the industry. 

“Charles Dowd and I created this technology in response to an every-day need we were experiencing ourselves. We couldn't tip people anymore, yet we wanted to. Now that we've fixed the problem, we're also getting a lot of thanks from customers who were equally embarrassed that they had no cash to tip anymore. Everyone is a winner.”