Skingredients relaunches AHA cleanser & micro-mask

Skingredients® have relaunched their AHA Cleanse treatment cleanser, reformulated and now in a refillable bottle.

As well as deeply cleansing skin without any harsh grits or scrubs, AHA Cleanse doubles as a micro-mask to reveal even-toned skin with a luminous glow making it ideal for those with dull, uneven, dry, dehydrated or pigmented skin. It's also gentle enough to use during pregnancy and for sensitive skins as well.

Its latest formula features a resurfacing blend of 8% Lactic acid (an alpha hydroxy acid) and 1% gluconolactone (a polyhydroxy acid). These ingredients also have humectant properties, acting like magnets to attract and retain moisture within the skin.

Skingredients® founder and dermal facialist, Jennifer Rock, explains:

“Exfoliating acids instantly revive dull, lacklustre skin to reveal a smoother, brighter result. It might be tempting to use an exfoliant daily, but over exfoliation can cause trauma to the skin. AHA Cleanse has been formulated to gently exfoliate and hydrate the skin in a respectful manner to prevent irritation and sensitisation. Use our treatment cleanser in moderation – that's two to three times a week – for plump, hydrated and fresh skin.”

It is advised that Skingredients® AHA Cleanse is used in the evening only as treated skin can be sensitive to the sun exposure. For a thorough double cleanse, use Skingredients® PreProbiotic® Cleanse first to remove all traces of make-up, sebum, pollutant particles and SPF. As a weekly mask, massage AHA Cleanse into cleansed skin, leave for seven minutes and remove.