Skeyndor launch microbiome supporting peels

Skeyndor has developed a new range of five chemical peels to accelerate skin cell regeneration and tackle a range of skin concerns whilst restoring the skin microbiome. 

Formulated with specific combinations of acids with Multibiotic Restoring Complex to restore the skin's balance, the Skeyndor Probiome Peel collection can safely be used on darker skin tones and on all skin types.

The five peels can treat skins that are dehydrated and sensitive, dull and tired, blemished with uneven skin tone, oily and prematurely ageing. The correct choice of peel is made by undertaking a personalised skin reading. 

The Skeyndor Probiome Peel collection also includes a Post-Peel Probiome Kit, essential for use at home to restore, protect and rehydrate the skin over seven days and nights.