Sensory Retreats expands therapeutic eye mask collection

Following last year's successful launch of the Sensory Sleep Vegan Silk Mask featuring self-heating inserts, Sensory Retreats has expanded the collection with reusable Cooling Gel and Lavender inserts. 

Cooled in the fridge ahead of use, the Cooling Gel inserts deliver up to 30 minutes' on the spot relief which not only rejuvenates but may also help to reduce the appearance of under eye dark circles and puffiness, alleviate hayfever symptoms and offer relief from migraine and headaches.

The Lavender inserts can be used alone or in combination with the self-heating inserts, engaging the senses with the therapeutic fragrance of lavender known for its natural ability to aid sleep and relaxation. 

As well as being ideal for retailing, the Sensory Sleep Vegan Silk Mask collection can be used to add an extra layer of luxury during treatments in the salon or spa. 

Sensory Retreats