SKIIIN launches self-tan sensitive skincare

SKIIIN is a hybrid skincare and tanning range developed for sensitive and acne-prone skin.

Formulated to avoid compromising skin health, SKIIIN products feature polyglutamic acid, a natural amino acid that is deeply hydrating as it has a moisture retention capability four times greater than hyaluronic acid. In addition, Aloe extracts nourish skin further.

The self-tanning skincare range includes SKIIIN Tanning Mousse that delivers a natural-looking tan in four to six hours. This tinted mousse with colour-guide technology is available in Olive, Warm, Deep and Extra Deep tones, and during application can be tailored to clients' skin tones.
The range also includes SKIIIN DRIP Tanning Water, a clear, lightweight and oil-free product for a natural-looking, buildable tan on sensitive skin. 
SKIIIN accessories available include Face & Body Brush, Essentials Bags, Bye For Now Tan Remover, Dressing Robes and Slippers, Exfoliator Glove and a Tanning Hand Mitt.