New Remington heat stylers care for hair

Beauty and hair device specialists Remington have launched the Hydraluxe PRO collection of hair styling tools designed to protect hair against heat damage.

Remington's Hydraluxe PRO Collection has been created to counteract summer hair damage including dehydration and brittleness.

The Remington Hydraluxe PRO Hairdryer features Hydracare Sensor Technology, which continuously monitors and regulates the temperature of air directed onto the hair, protecting it from excessive heat build-up whilst delivering a powerful and precise airflow, with 50% faster drying time.

In addition, micro-conditioners released into the airflow form a protective barrier that preserves the hair's moisture balance, whilst Ionic Conditioning produces smooth, shiny results, locked in place by the dryer's True Cold Shot feature. 

To smooth and straighten hair with care, Remington Hydraluxe PRO Straightener features Hydracare Mist technology, which releases a mist of micro particles as the straighteners glide through the hair. These micro particles are easily adsorbed onto the hair, relaxing each strand and enabling effective styling at a lower temperature of 170°C (five heat settings are available).

Remington's Hydraluxe PRO Straightener also features a Moisture Lock Ceramic Coating which transfers micro-conditioners to the hair to lock in smooth, shiny and long-lasting styles.