Phytocéane vegan skincare launches in UK

The team behind the French spa brand Phytomer has launched a new organic, natural and vegan skincare brand.

Phytocéane is formulated with over 60 natural, organic and wild ingredients, sourced ethically and sustainably.

Developed by a team of 30 researchers, the concise range comprises 45 formulations for the face and body plus a bespoke ‘Botanique Collection' based on nature. There are also six professional Phytocéane facials and eight body and massage treatments created to evoke sensations of the natural world.

Commenting on the launch of the new brand, Fiona Peerless, Managing Director of Phytocéane UK, says: 

“Phytocéane is built on the heritage and world-class values of the Phytomer Brand Group, which is globally renowned for pioneering, transformative skincare based on environmental conservation and best-in-class results. The natural, organic and vegan approach is in Phytocéane's DNA and this culture extends to everything - from scouring the world to source the finest natural ingredients to packaging, and at every stage in the research and development and manufacturing process.”

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