Orly X NASA collab creates out-of-this-world polishes

Professional nail brand Orly has launched a new limited edition collection of polishes in collaboration with NASA.

The Orly X NASA collection features four out of this world polish shades taking their inspiration from recent NASA missions including the 50th anniversary of NASA's last moon landing, the James Webb Space Telescope, the Perseverance Mars rover and the Voyager Space Probe.

Colours include:

Orly X NASA View From
View From
Inspired by NASA James Webb Space Telescope, this is a deep galactic holographic jelly.

Orly X NASA Perseverance
Inspired by NASA's Perseverance Rover, part of NASA's Mars Exploration Programme, this shade has a dusky shimmer reminiscent of the Martian landscape.

Orly X NASA Golden Record
Golden Record
This golden shade is inspired by NASA's message of peace golden record containing sounds and images portraying the diversity of life and culture on Earth that was sent into space on board the Voyager space probe.

Orly X NASA Spirit of Peace
Spirit of Peace
This shade celebrates NASA's Artemis I mission and the 50th anniversary of NASA's last moon landing with a moon rock-inspired white shade with gold confetti.

Each of the Orly X NASA polishes covers in two coats with a Genius Brush that boasts 600 bristles and a fan-shape that helps you achieve full and even coverage. 

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