Natural hair and skincare using organic Neem oil

A range of Ayurvedic organic body and hair care products has been launched by Nim-Véda Australia.

The range is formulated using the Neem plant (Azadirachta indica), sometimes referred to as Indian Lilac, and created using traditional Ayurvedic principles with the latest skin and hair care expertise.

The Nim-Véda Australia collection includes hair care, moisturisers, soaps and shower gels, and massage oils. 

The brand's hair care range is formulated without commonly used chemicals including being free-from Sodium Laurel Sulphate.  Nim-Véda Australia Natural Neem Shampoo cleanses hair whilst maintaining the scalp's natural pH; this should be followed by Natural Neem Conditioner, which revitalises the scalp and restores hairs' healthy look and feel. Nim-Véda Australia Neem & Clay Shampoo is formulated from Neem oil and neutral pH Pink Clay to balance hair's natural pH levels as well as cleansing hair and leaving it looking silky.

As well as Nim-Véda Australia Neem & Clay Soap and shower gels, the brand's body care range also includes Natural Body Lotion, which not only tones and hydrates skin but also tightens pores and balances the skin's natural pH levels.

For the face, Nim-Véda Australia Certified Cosmetic Grade Rose Water can be used to cleanse the skin and acts against acne and breakouts. It features Glycerine to protect, and Rose Water to reduce puffiness around the eyes. The product can also be misted across the face during the day as a refreshing pick-me-up, as well as used as a skin toner, aftershave or makeup remover.

Moisturise the face with Nim-Véda Australia Natural Day Cream formulated from vitamin E as well as Ayurvedic plant and herbal extracts including certified organic Neem oil to nourish skin all day without being greasy.

Nim-Véda Australia skin, hair and body products are available internationally at