New Face Mask Launch from Skinporter

Enter Skinporter - the Korean facial effect mask

 Feel the magic of the exclusive O+ Complex 

A new Korean technology that transforms your skin

Price - £89.00 | Starter Kit - £24.00 | Available from:

Enter Skinporter - a new breed of S-Korean super mask that minimises pores, vanishes pigmentation, blemishes, redness and lifts and radically boosts radiance levels, harnessing green science and biotechnology. The results of this special mask give your skin a post facial complexion, changing the skin's behaviour and appearance in just one use whilst also delivering a myriad of long-term benefits. The demands of modern life can create skin concerns that are seemingly contradictory.

Skinporter intelligently addresses these in one clever multi-tasking wonder mask. 


The secret? A unique patented Korean technology which delivers a potent, highly targeted range of botanicals and peptides to stimulate collagen, minimise micro contractions, calm and repair the skin. This creates an impressive complexion transformation quickly and effectively. With regular use your skin is conditioned and re-energised on a cellular level. 


The formula is a true modern-day powerhouse which surpasses at home skincare expectations as it harnesses the best from green science and biotechnology, all extracted and curated in a mindful way to minimise impact on the planet and our bodies. Expect to see ingredients including Centella Asiatica Extract, a super star at reducing redness, the soothing Shiso leaf extract which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, Copper Tripeptide-23 which effectively stimulates collagen, elastin improving firmness and smoothness of the skin. The Nicotinoyl-22 intelligently controls the activation of melanin cells, brightening age spots and improving pigmentation while the Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 has incredible smart ageing benefits as it works to minimise micro contractions in the skin leading to less fine lines and wrinkles without the use of injectables. The Lactobacillus Ferment Filtrate is a biotech developed probiotic with a potent soothing effect. It strengthens the skin providing it with the ability to self-defend from aggressors resulting in less outbreaks and stopping acne. 


The star ingredient in this formula is the O+ Complex that has a pulling effect addressing skin impurities while simultaneously infusing skin – perfecting ingredients into the skin. The O+ Complex binds with the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, producing an intense tightening and compression effect on the skin. The plant rich biopolymers lock on the moisture while hydrating and anti-inflammatory botanicals irrigate and calm the skin helping to reduce fine lines and redness while also having a plumping effect. This works to draw out impurities and pollutants from the skins surface, clearing pores to allow for optimised absorption of the skincare actives. At the same time skin is deeply hydrated with the help of the biopolymers and driving in clarifying, soothing and protective plant molecules at proven active levels. The powerful peptides boost collagen, calm and repair. 


Editors Notes 




In a nutshell Skin porter is a professional level facial in a single mask. It delivers brighter, plumper and more lifted skin while also working hard to banish imperfections. The clever delivery system has found a unique way to purify skin while successfully infusing it with active, regenerative ingredients in one single step. Results are long term but also instantaneous.


A mindful beauty brand


Skinporter is committed to developing formulations that focus on active ingredients that have been meticulously curated and are clinically proven. Skinporter are mindful to create formulas that do not damage the planet or the all-important skin barrier. You can feel safe in the knowledge that the formula is clinically tested, dermatologist approved, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and suitable for even the most sensitive skin types. 


For further information or to try the magic of Skinporter contact 07734 553 460 or / 07973 488668