New hair colour primer combats Cysetic acid damage

If you have chameleon hair clients who switch up their colour each appointment, INNOluxe FBR is a new primer that may help you to achieve their colouring dreams without causing damage.

Thanks to Amaranth, Arginine and Itaconic acid, the treatment combats Cysetic acid damage, created when hair takes on too much oxygen through brushing, age, heat styling, environmental aggressors and chemical processes, and which can lead to hair over absorbing colour.

Hydrolyzed soy and vegetable proteins enhance strength and moisture retention, whilst Hemisqualane and Pro-vitamin B5 combat frizz, colour damage and breakage.

In addition, Disodium EDTA, a Chelating agent often found in clarifying shampoos, combats metals contamination enabling it to be washed out of the hair.

Compatible with all colour brands, FBR is sprayed onto hair prior to colouring, repairing and strengthening to ensure colour penetrates and saturates hair more evenly for a vibrant finish that lasts. 

Kayleigh Dixon, aka Kayleigh the Hair Witch, has been using INNOluxe FBR during her colour treatments. She says:

“FBR has totally levelled up my hair colouring game! It's my favourite product that INNOluxe has launched to date, and I'm a proper INNOluxe fan girl. It's changed the way I colour hair from blondes to reds or even vivids because I will be a bit more adventurous with the clients and feel confident doing a transformation on hair that I may previously have hedged my bets on.

"FBR creates the most even canvas for you to work on meaning no patchy areas or need for double applications - which as a salon owner is fab because it means I spend a little less on colour stock and as one bottle does many, many heads it actually means I save money!”


Images: Kayleigh Dixon, aka Kayleigh the Hair Witch