New course covers the essentials of styling curly & textured hair

A new course developed by a Lincolnshire hairdresser aims to take away the fear of treating curly and textured hair. 

Chris Grimley of Fusion Hair Co. has written the course to increase hair professionals' confidence in working with a wide range of hair types and increasing inclusivity in salons. 

The one-day course includes practical demonstrations of cleansing, conditioning, blow drying without frizz and protective styling techniques. Theory covers the history of textured hair products, interactive theory exploring what texture means to the delegate, tools and equipment and how to use them, ethnicity and language, and products.

Commenting, Chris Grimley explains:

“The course is designed to take the fear away from textured hair for everyone in every salon, so that as an industry we can be more inclusive. In my opinion, you shouldn't be shying away from curly/textured hair - as an industry we need to be able to offer services to all hair types in the future. It's a travesty that I personally couldn't walk into any salon anywhere in the UK and get a haircut and finish due to fear or lack of education! This makes me sad.

"Hairdressers who are scared by this hair type shouldn't be, it's like a seamstress who says “I'm sorry, I only sew cotton - I can't work on cord or denim” - it's the same thing, it's still material, you just have to learn what else it may need so for example, less tension or thicker cotton! Take the time to find out the differences and it's no longer completely different - it's just a different material, but material all the same. I love my industry and I'd love to see all salons welcoming everyone - that's my dream.”

Fusion Hair Co.