New bt-protect skincare safety suite addresses salon PPE

As salons prepare to reopen, Bio-Therapeutic has developed the new bt-protect skincare safety suite to address new sanitation and cleanliness guidelines with regards to PPE.

The bt-protect skincare safety suite has been designed to provide a layer of reassurance for clients, salon owners and staff, and comprises three tools: the bt-degree IR, the bt-smartmask and the bt-shield.

The bt-degree IR touchless infrared thermometer can be used to monitor your staff and clients' temperature as they arrive in the salon (a high temperature is one of the indicators of COVID-19). Displaying both Fahrenheit and Celsius measurements, the bt-degree IR takes forehead temperature in approximately 1 second, and is effective from up to 2 inches away. 

The bt-smartmask is reusable and made from three-layer fabric, silver ion infused in its central core to provide multi-layer protection yet breathability. Suitable for all day wear with a facial contour molded design and fully adjustable straps, the mask offers an environmentally conscious option over frequently replaced disposable paper masks. 

The bt-shield is a sanitisable, protective face guard, which is lightweight to wear and reusable. It features Bio-Therapeutic's unique silicone touch points infused with silver ion properties where the shield touches the skin, and is made with anti-fog, anti-scratch clear PET plastic that is distortion free. It also features extended nose bridge touch points to allow for glasses to be comfortably worn at the same time. 

Commenting on the launch of the bt-protect skincare safety suite, Bio-Therapeutic's President, David Suzuki, says:

“Created for skincare, hair, nail, and other high touch fields, bt-protect equipment integrates the latest antimicrobial and any bacterial properties of silver ion, designed to provide a layer of reassurance.”