New brow pencil creates fine hair strokes

A new Skinny Brow Pencil has been launched by Brow HQ.

The super fine pencil is highly pigmented and allows you to create the finest hair-stroke and detail when styling brows. It has a long-lasting effect, and because of its fine nib, enables you to create the finest detail and individual hair strokes. 

The brand's Skinny Brow Pencil is available in three different shades in a vegan formulation: Taupe, Medium Brown and Dark Brown. 

Commenting on the launch of the Skinny Brow Pencil, Leisa Roberts, creator and Director of Brow HQ (formerly High Brow HQ), says: 

“For years clients have been asking me us recommend a brow pencil that can be used to create the perfect fluffy brow and in between laminated or micro-bladed brows to add further definition. The natural look is always the objective with clients and wanting to find a pencil that they could wear without looking overdone. The Skinny Pencil provides just that giving you natural, precise brush strokes that last all day.”