New beauty gummies benefit skin, hair & nails

Manifesto beauty gummies A new dietary supplement with benefits for skin, hair and nails has launched. Supporting weakened hair, skin and nails, Manifesto beauty gummies promote collagen formation, help to improve skin elasticity and texture, and provide cell protection against oxidative damage from pollution.

Manifesto supplements are formulated with vitamins A, B, C, and E along with Selenium, Zinc and Biotin, antioxidants Astaxanthin from micro-algae and superfood Acai berries, and pre-biotic Inulin which feeds the natural micro-biome for a healthier gut.

The gummies have a cherry flavour and are vegan, gluten-free, Halal-friendly, without artificial colours or flavours. They come in 100% home compostable, plastic-free sachets made from sustainably grown Eucalyptus tucked inside zero waste tins.

Commenting on the launch of Manifesto, brand founder Anna Marcovici, says:

“For us it was always going to be gummies as they're an easy and fun way to incorporate a supplement into your routine and feel more like a treat and less of a chore, so we believe it's more likely you'll stick with them. The good thing is, with ours, they start supporting your body straight away, but we recommend giving them three months: by then, you should see and feel the full benefits.”