New Sleep Ritual for a blissful night's rest

At a time when many of us are struggling to feel the benefit of a good night's sleep, Made for Life Organics has collaborated with salon towelling brand, BC Softwear, to introduce the Made for Life Sleep Ritual.

The set combines a soothing, calming natural botanical spritz with a super soft organic sleep mask to cocoon the eyes.

The Made for Life Organics Calming Room Spray is hand blended in Cornwall from organic Rose, Lavender, Camomile and Roman Camomile, along with mood boosting benefits of Orange. 

The Sleep Mask is from BC Softwear's ECO range, SmartSoft, and helps to block out early morning light, ensuring you gain a full night's sleep.

To get the most from the Sleep Ritual,  shake the Calming Room Spray bottle well and lightly mist the air around you two or three times. Then either sit on the side of the bed or snuggle into bed and prop yourself up with your pillows. Take three long, breaths inhaling deeply, in through the nose and out through the mouth. You can make a small affirmation to conclude the day which could include, “Thank you for today, a great day and I welcome the night with warmth, calmness, openness and positivity. I am grateful, I am calm, I am peaceful. I wish all those that I know and love including myself a Good night.”  

Gently slide into bed, applying the sleep mask and count back from 27 to 1. If you are still awake at one, then repeat. 

Commenting on the launch of the new Sleep Ritual, Amanda Winwood, Managing Director of Made for Life Organics, says:

“We are always delighted to partner and collaborate with like-minded partners and company founder Barbara and her team have brilliant ethics and values in terms of sustainability. These beautiful sleep masks paired with our Calming Botanical Sleep Spray are the perfect partners.”