Nails.INC get summery with Magnum ice cream collab

British nail brand Nails.INC has partnered with ice-cream brand Magnum® to create a line of six chocolate-scented nail polishes inspired by the new Magnum ice cream Duet Bars.

To celebrate the collaboration, celebrity nail artist Mei Kawajiri has created a collection of nail art designs reflecting the new ice-creams' sensory experiences.

The new Magnum ice creams Duet Bars are dipped in two different types of chocolate and are available in Almond, Chocolate and Cookie flavours. Magnum ice cream Duet Bars x Nails.INC Duet chocolate-scented crème nail polishes come in Cookie Duet, a quintessential beige and chocolate-y brown; Almond Duet, a buttery shade of light brown and a rich dark brown; and Chocolate Duet, a vibrant hot pink paired with a silky light pink.

Commenting on the new Magnum ice cream Duet Bars x Nails.INC collaboration, Mei Kawajiri says:

"As a nail artist, I'm always looking for over-the-top ways to express myself. I love to incorporate sensory experience into my designs, so I was thrilled when Magnum ice cream teamed up with Nails.INC to create richly pigmented and chocolate-scented, polishes – allowing me to showcase my favorite [sic] ice cream treats through three creative, unexpected designs."