Nailing New Year! Recreate these stunning nails to see in 2023!

It's celebration time as 2023 approaches, and with New Year's Eve parties back on the calendar, nails are set to be more glamorous that ever.

Nail exert Alice McNails shares her thoughts and nail art designs to inspire you into creating the most Instagrammable nails this New Year.

“Classic gold, silver, and platinum glitter are always in for New Year's Eve as those are the colours we associate with stars, moons and celestial imagery which always becomes popular at this time of year."

Alice's 2022 New Year's Eve nail predictions:
  • Glitzy gold, silver, and platinum glitters 
  • Out of this world celestial nail art
  • Pretty pearlescent
  • Cool crystals with added pop
  • Dazzling details

“My clients are still really into crystals so I predicate we will see lots of nails taking influence from beautiful amethyst, gorgeous rose quartz, and stunning Citrine, but with even more glitz, like glitter or unicorn flakes added to it to make it pop. 

“We are going to see nails with lots of glitter and glam but in a chic way. I think we are also going to see things like tiny little details and charms on nails. Things like tips or half-moons, stars, champagne flutes, hearts, foliage, and fairly minimal designs."
Credit: Alice McNails, Booksy Ambassador
“I'd say is its going to be pretty chic and not completely ‘clean girl' aesthetic like Hailey Bieber's iconic doughnut nails, but we'll see a lot of high shine chromes that'll be hard edged and a little bit different."
Credit: Alice McNails, Booksy Ambassador
“I'm loving flash glitter (when you put it against a bright light it lights up) and think it will be a big one used as French tips, full nail, or on nail art like stars for example.

“Pearlescent nails are going to be popular too. Using chromes to give the effect of a seashell colour shifting so they look blue, green, pink, or gold depending on the light you're in.”

Alice McNails is Brand Ambassdor for beauty booking app Booksy.