Medik8 launch H.E.O. Mask for overnight hydration

Cosmeceutical skincare brand Medik8 has introduced a new two-step overnight solution to tackle dry skin.

Medik8's H.E.O. Mask is formulated with humectants, emollients and occlusives to increase the skin's hydration levels, helping to repair the skin barrier and prevent transepidermal water loss (TEWL) which can cause skin to lose elasticity and result in a sallow, lacklustre appearance.

Daniel Isaacs, Medik8's Director of Research, explains:

“Combined together in an optimised ratio, this powerhouse trio provides the ultimate solution for dry and dehydrated skin. Humectants are conditioning agents that regulate moisture levels in the skin. They're able to retain that moisture and immobilise water molecules, keeping them within the skin in order to maintain and boost hydration levels.

“Emollients, on the other hand, are long chains of saturated fatty acids which utilise their skin-identical lipid properties to form a waterproof barrier in the upper layers of the skin. This helps to repair the skin's barrier function which is essential for keeping the skin hydrated and healthy. Finally, occlusives are mainly oil-based and are made up of large molecules that are too big to penetrate the skin and instead maintain the moisture content of the skin by reducing transepidermal water loss.”

Medik8's H.E.O. Mask is packaged in two tubes; one of which contains the cooling, water-based gel while the other holds a nourishing cream. Apply Step 1 to the face, neck and décolletage, avoiding the eye area; after absorbing for a few minutes apply Step 2 to the same areas and leave on overnight.

As well as offering skin an intensive moisture boost, the mask can also be used prior to an event or special occasion or to soothe skin following exposure to cold weather or the sun.

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