Luminescence range tackles pigmentary skin

Bea Skincare Luminescence range

Created by Skin Specialist Bianca Estelle, Bea Skincare has launched a new collection aimed at those experiencing pigmentary disorders including melasma, pigmentation and solar lentigines.

Concentrated with powerful skin brightening agents to leave skin looking radiant, Bea Skincare's Luminescence range features peptides and antioxidants including naturally derived ingredients such as Alpha Arbutin, vitamin C, Papaya extract and Kojic acid.

For use on the face, Luminescence Brightening Rejuvenating Wands are single-use facial peel applicators soaked in 30% Lactic acid and 10% Mandelic acid to treat a variety of pigmentary disorders. Each disposable wand is designed to reach every corner of the face, making it easier and quicker to reach small areas of skin around the eyes and nose.

Luminescence Brightening Cream tackles facial pigmentation, melasma and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation using Alpha Arbutin, vitamin C and Retinol Palmitate. Suitable for daily use, the cream not only lightens pre-existing areas of discolouration on the face and neck but also reduces fine lines and wrinkles and diminishes mottled complexions.

For the body, the collection includes Brightening Body Lotion which offers medical-grade home care for skin discolouration, stimulating collagen production and tackling sun damage and hyperpigmentation, and reducing blemishes.

This is complemented by the Kojic Acid Radiance Bar, a wash bar which lightens hyperpigmentation across the entire body, promotes a uniform skin tone and exfoliates damaged, rough and dry skin, particularly on the knees and elbows. The bar won Best New Ethnic Product at the Pure Beauty Global Awards 2018.

Enhance results further with Lumi Glow Patches, a 24-hour transdermal skin patch which delivers 250 milligrams of pure antioxidant Glutathione and vitamin C directly into the bloodstream. Bea Skincare report that benefits include an improvement in the skin's luminosity along with a decrease in the appearance of rough, dry and/or dark patches of skin.

Bea Skincare's Luminescence range is available in the UK at