Lisa Snowdon X Correxiko collagen skin kit launches

Lisa Snowdon X Correxiko Glow BoxCollagen brand Correxiko has partnered with TV presenter and model Lisa Snowdon to collate a kit of her favourite products.

The Lisa Snowdon X Correxiko Glow Box includes her favourite products to help women experiencing perimenopause and menopausal symptoms achieve glowing skin.

Correxiko Brand Ambassador Lisa Snowdon says:

“By using this box for 30 days consistently, you will feel and look fantastic. For any menopausal symptoms, hair loss, dry hair take the Omega and Collagen and enjoy!”

The Lisa Snowdon X Correxiko Glow Box includes Correxiko Marine Collagen Powder (six weeks supply), Marine Collagen Capsules, Ultra Omega 3, Collagen Smoothies Recipe Book, a Super Scoop, a Super Whisk, a Welcome Pack and two of Lisa's favourite Correxiko recipes.

After 30 days of use, the brand promises enhanced radiance and vitality including improved skin hydration and plumpness, a decrease in fine lines, a reduction in joint discomfort and improved hair growth.