Light Elegance inspired by science for autumn '21 nails

As the autumn equinox approaches, professional nail brand Light Elegance has introduced its Power of Science ButterCream collection of colours for autumn 2021.

Comprising six new shades of deep neutral and natural tones, Light Elegance's Power of Science ButterCream collection is formulated 100% free of HEMA monomer. Applied professionally, ButterCream colour will last up to four weeks. 

The collection includes: 

Light Elegance ButterCream Polymer Pal
Polymer Pal
A creamy washed-out denim blue/grey. 

Light Elegance ButterCream That Really Resin-ates
That Really Resin-ates
A creamy milk chocolate tone.

Light Elegance ButterCream Isn't It Ionic?
Isn't It Ionic?
A black purple with a soft, milky plum touch. 

Light Elegance buttercream Chemical Imbalance
Chemical Imbalance
A deep sage green.

Light Elegance ButterCream Positively Charged
Positively Charged
A creamy rich fuchsia berry shade. 

Light Elegance ButterCream I'm Cured
I'm Cured
A creamy neutral terracotta with neutral undertones.

Light Elegance's Power of Science ButterCreams are available from Sweet Squared