Coping in this heatwave? Second time around are you more prepared?

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Keeping customers calm & cool this heatwave

Coping in this heatwave? Second time around are you more prepared?

A second heatwave in two months, we are letting you know on behalf of Treatwell - Europe's largest hair and beauty bookings platform - their salons' top

tips on keeping customers cool and comfortable this summer.


Eudermic by Eva Blasco


“During summer, I do all of my facial treatments and massages with facial cooling ice globes that are made from crystal glass. I roll them over my clients skin and it is an amazing massage tool - they just love it!” 



“I also offer cool and refreshing drinks like fresh orange juice, freshly made lemonade, and flavoured water for my clients before, during and after their treatments - packed with ice, of course.” 


Eva Blasco, Founder of Eudermic by Eva Blasco, Skin Expert, Beauty Therapist and Nutritional Coach

No. 23 Skin


“Good air circulation is an absolute must and fortunately this also helps keep the clinic cool. We try to create a breeze through the salon and keep our staff and customers well-hydrated.” 


“For our treatments, we add on a lovely cooling mask that's been stored in the fridge which helps to reduce puffiness and leaves customers feeling calm, cool and refreshed as they leave the salon.”

Helen Wyre-Charkham, Founder of No.23 Skin

Rebel & Blow - Victoria


“Our top tip is a cool rinse - the perfect way to cool down this summer. Not only is it refreshing but it closes the cuticles after the wash encouraging smoothness and shine for the hair.” 



Bella Hamilton (Head of Ops) + Lottie Ramsey (Head of Product)


Treatwell's additional top tips to keeping customers cool, calm and collected in the summer months:

  • Playing relaxing music can help keep your customers cool. Relaxing music reduces feelings of anxiety and high stress, as well as the physical symptoms that accompany anxiety, including elevated blood pressure and heart rate. Keeping the music on the calmer side will help to slow the heart rate and relax the muscles, making your customers feel soothed and slightly cooler! 
  • Don't take hot drinks totally off the menu. Some hot drinks can help to cool down the body from the inside. Peppermint is known for its cooling properties due to its high menthol content, which can encourage sensations of feeling cooler. Try offering a hot or iced peppermint tea drink on hotter summer days.