Introducing ProForm™ - The Gel Bottle’s HEMA-Free Extension System

Natural or Enhanced Nails? Keep them guessing with The GelBottle Inc's ultimate HEMA-Free Extension System.

The GelBottle Inc. introduces you to ProForm™— the ultimate, durable and HEMA-Free extension system with diamond-like strength, no pressure and no pinching. Create everything from strong overlays to next level extensions.

Choose from seven neutral colours, inspired by our bestselling BIAB™ shades:

The Gel Bottle ProForm

The Benefits of ProForm™

Realistic nail extensions have received 871.2 million views on TikTok. So, it's never been a better time for TGB's latest creation.

ProForm™ creates hyper-realistic extensions, making it the perfect alternative to acrylics — light and flexible for strong nail extensions that can be cured in a UV/LED lamp. A file-off hard gel, ProForm™ has the strength of acrylic with the ease of gel... all in a user-friendly tube.

“It was important to me that TGB created a high-quality and durable hard gel system. ProForm™ sculpts natural looking extensions that will convert acrylic-loving nail techs and clients alike. This formula has been years in the making and I am so excited to continue to bring new and exciting innovations to our industry.” – Daisy Kalnina, Founder and CEO of Gel Bottle Inc.

How to use ProForm™

Team with TGB's new Bond Base and Glow Top for a complete HEMA-Free system.

Everything ProForm™ can be learnt on the new TGB Academy course. For a limited time, receive 20% off your booking when you buy any product from the ProForm™ range.

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