Tweezer launched for ingrown hair removal

IngrownOut® tweezersBeauty brand, Sarah Louisa, has launched a new all-in-one tweezer, the IngrownOut®.

Created specifically for removing ingrown hairs, IngrownOut® tweezers feature an end designed to easily fit into an open hair follicle, hooking under the ingrown hair and easily lifting it out from its root.

IngrownOut® tweezersOn hair that is stubborn and can't easily be removed, exfoliate the area to open the hair follicle first, before removing with the IngrownOut® tweezers.

IngrownOut® have been designed by professional therapist Sarah Carswell, founder of Sarah Louisa. The tool can be used by professionals in the salon, as well as retailed to clients for shaping brows and removing rogue hairs between appointments. 

Sarah has also created an online course to teach professionals the best techniques for removing ingrown hairs, accredited by ABT. The course will enable you to identify three different stages of ingrown hair growth, when to remove and when to leave. Access to the IngrownOut® course is available for therapists who invest in a small display box of IngrownOut® Tweezers before 30th April 2021.