Hydrafacial upgrades to launch new Syndeo™ system

HydrafacialHydrafacial has launched its new Syndeo™ system, which combines the brand's patented vortex fusion technology with a digital experience and a hands-free therapeutic light device.

The Hydrafacial Syndeo™'s cloud-based software stores real-time knowledge of each client's treatment history and skin concerns across different locations. Therapists can log each treatment through a connected interface, noting any personalisation to each treatment. They can also access onscreen protocol guidance through touchless gesture control features. 

The Hydrafacial Syndeo™ stays true to the brand's treatment experience, with three signature steps to cleanse, extract and hydrate the skin. Every treatment is personalised with nourishing boosters to suit each skin type and concern.

As well as its upgraded functionality and design, the Syndeo™ features an integrated custom LightStim Elipsa™ LED light therapy device, allowing for efficient, hands-free application of professional strength therapeutic light energy.

HydrafacialHydrafacial's developers, The Beauty Health Company, recently launched the system into Europe and Asia. BeautyHealth President and CEO Andrew Stanleick says:

“We are incredibly excited to introduce our international Hydrafacial community to Syndeo. It is a true revolution of the treatment room, allowing every provider and client to be connected, and each Hydrafacial treatment to be that much more personalized.”

Image: www.hydrafacial.co.uk

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