Hive reveals reformulated dual use waxing oil

Hive Pre & After Wax Soothing Oil 400mlProfessional beauty specialists Hive have updated the formulation of one of their hero products, Hive Soothing Oil, which can now be used as a dual pre and post waxing oil.

When used pre-waxing, Hive Pre & After Wax Soothing Oil cleanses and hydrates the treatment area, whilst also creating a super fine barrier between the skin and the wax.

This barrier helps to prevent wax from gripping the skin, adhering only to the hair, thus reducing any skin irritation when hair is removed in a comfortable action.

Used after waxing, the vegan and paraben-free oil cools and conditions the skin, reducing inflammation and redness thanks to the inclusion of antioxidant Guaiazulene. The skin's natural moisture is also locked in. Any residue from wax dissipates leaving the skin smooth and clean. 

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